About Us

The beginnings of the Polish Club General W. Sikorski WA Inc. can be traced back to the late 1940s and early 1950s when significant number of displaced Polish citizens after the WWII came to Western Australia.

Poles first established a Polish School in Bellevue (1954)…

…then Polish Association of Midland-Bellevue (1961) to incorporate in 1966 under the name of Polish Club General W Sikorski Western Australia Inc.

After many years of fundraising and construction efforts they built the largest in WA ethnic clubhouse in 1972. Over the years the Club became a social and community Centre rather than ethnic club. Now is commonly known as Sikorski Club.

Everybody is welcome in our Club regardless of ethnicity or religion or even sporting team affiliation or anything else.

Obviously we still provide help and advice to our compatriots, we celebrate Polish National Holidays, we nurture Polish culture, preserve old Polish customs, and try to keep in touch with our old Fatherland.

Being a cultural and social club and acting within a broad Australian community we adopted many Australian traditions and cultural attributes as a natural process of integration. However there is still our Polish touch that makes this Club so unique.

And one of our Polish traits is hospitality – and that’s what we are: a Club full of friendly people where you can come and have a good time in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Sikorski Club is run by volunteers.
It is amazing how much was achieved by this not-for-profit organisation.

Why? Because from the very beginning our founders taught us their outstanding paradigm that hard work, honesty and generosity are the basics of human honour and dignity.

Our Club is open to all members of the community. We encourage all to join and become our Club member. And even more we ask all Poles, Australians and everybody else to come and visit us, have a sip of Polish beer, try Polish food, have a game of pool, enjoy some music or movies, have a dance and most of all relax, share some jokes and have same laughs.