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Polish Club General W. Sikorski WA Inc invites to
“Good and evil in poetry and music” in Polish
18 February 2024, 4:00 PM
1. Prologue – “Paweł i Gaweł” by Aleksander Fredro
Screenwriter and director Maryla Kuźmicka
2. Part I – “Carousel of Feelings”
Screenwriter and director Anna Habryn
3. Part II – “We will overcome the waves”
Screenwriter and director Danuta Duszyńska

Participants of the event:
Reciters:Anna Habryn, Ewa Habryn Wilczyńska, Anna Gołąb, Anna Pastusiak, Joanna Bukara, Monika Piwowarek, Dominika Laura Ziółkowski, Elżbieta Halladin, Ewa Kiesz, Fr. Tomasz Bujakowski, Włodzimierz Halladin, Roman Gabriel, Robert Panasiewicz and Bart Foster

Vocalists – Daniela Birch, Richard Bieńkowski and Bart Foster
Musicians – Henryk Paliński, Jake Smith, Richard Bieńkowski

Authors of poetry and lyrics: Ewa Habryn Wilczyńska, Anna Habryn, Danuta Duszyńska, Tomasz Bujakowski and other great Polish poets

Lighting and sound system – Paweł Groszek
Production – Roman Gabriel
Artistic supervision – Danuta Duszyńska
Director’s cooperation, set design, choreography – Scena 98 Directors Father Tomasz Bujakowski and Maryla Kuźmicka
Photographer – Jerzy Rudnicki

The Bar and Restaurant will be open from 2.00 p.m.
For dinner after the performance, please place your orders before 4:00 p.m.
The Bar is open until 8:00 p.m.

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